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!!!!IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!: This is not the live production site of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania website. If you are on this site you need to change your URL to https://www.pacounties.org to access the live site.

Resources that may be useful to interpret the media announcements, policies and history of the organization and counties in Pennsylvania, as do pages included under primary menu on the website.

News Items

Pennsylvania Counties Support Commission’s Mental Health Funding Recommendation
Counties cannot properly address a variety of mental health crises without substantial support from this Commission and the General Assembly.
Amid a Funding Crisis, County Leaders and Partners Speak Out During Mental Health Awareness Month
CCAP 2021 Annual Report
The 2021 Annual Report focuses on CCAP's progress on member-driven action goals.
Media News
Pressure mounting on Pennsylvania counties as election uncertainty drags on
PA Capitol
CCAP Urges General Assembly to act on Governor’s Request for Increased Mental Health Funding
Counties bear the primary responsibility to plan, provide, and contract for essential community-based mental health services.


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