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The CCAP Health Alliance and the Delaware Valley Health Trust (DVHT) have partnered to offer an alternative to the commercial health insurance market which provides Pennsylvania counties with upfront savings, enhanced benefits and long term cost stability.


Questions concerning the CCAP Health Alliance program should be directed to:

Membership Listing

CCAP Health Alliance Membership Map

  • Cameron County
  • Clarion County
  • Clinton County
  • County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP)
  • Elk County
  • Forest County
  • Potter County
  • Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission (SAP&DC)
  • Tioga County
  • Carbon-Monroe-Pike Mental Health and Development Services (CMP MH/DS)
  • Westmoreland Industrial Development Corporation

Creation of Health Alliance

DELAWARE VALLEY HEALTH TRUST logo The CCAP Health Alliance has partnered with the Delaware Valley Health Trust (DVHT) to serve as the infrastructure and administrator of its health insurance program for Pennsylvania counties and county related entities. Membership in the CCAP Health Alliance is now open and proposals are available upon request.

Since 1999, DVHT has helped its municipal members defy the trends by providing a remarkably stable health insurance platform with rates well below the commercial carriers’, while maintaining benefit levels and even offering several plan enhancements. Through its partnership with the CCAP Health Alliance, DVHT is now able to extend its platform to Pennsylvania’s counties and county related entities statewide.

The CCAP Health Alliance offers a complete range of medical, dental and vision plans, fully customized to meet the needs of each individual county or entity.

Members enjoy guaranteed rates, COBRA Administration, an online Benefit Portal for coverage changes and open enrollments, Compliance assistance with Affordable Care Act including preparation of IRS Forms, 1094-C and 1095-C, and access to FSA, HRA and HSA administrators.

The CCAP Health Alliance also offers the following value added benefits at no additional costs to members:

  • Gym Membership reimbursement for employee and spouse of up to $300 per year
  • Race reimbursement of up to $200 per year
  • WW (formerly Weight Watchers) reimbursement of up to $200 per year
  • Bike Helmet reimbursement of up to $25 per year
  • Health Trust Resources which include an Employee Assistance Program, Nurse Navigator and access to Healthcare Bluebook

DVHT will provide side-by-side coverage comparisons with your current program upon request and will accept partial group enrollments (subject to underwriting guidelines).

Program Governance

Risk Financing

As with other CCAP Insurance Programs, the CCAP Health Alliance is working towards a longterm solution to healthcare financing. The CCAP Health Alliance’s risk sharing model offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Excess funds are returned to the membership. A rate stabilization fund (RSF) is a unique tool allowing each member the option of applying credits to monthly premium, thereby reducing payments. Members also have the choice of rolling their credit balance over to future years. In effect, the RSF allows each member the discretion of choosing the most opportune time to apply its own rate relief. The CCAP Health Alliance adds interest to any rolled over balance.
  • An expense ratio well below commercial fully insured or self-insured programs, without brokerage commissions or premium taxes.
  • Investment income accruing only to the benefit of the membership.
  • Improved control of health insurance premium dollars, products, services and management.
  • The ability to unbundle components of the plan (reinsurance, prescriptions, etc.) in order to take advantage of more competitive alternatives.

Network and Ancillary Lines

The CCAP Health Alliance contracts primarily with Aetna and Delta Dental for access to their provider networks and discounts.

Subscribers will receive the provider networks’ ID cards. The CCAP Health Alliance also contracts with these same insurers for claims processing services.

The CCAP Health Alliance also has an exclusive fee-limited partnership with The Standard Insurance Company for providing Group Life and AD&D, Long-term Disability and Short-term Disability coverage.

The Standard has a strong public sector profile, and by leveraging the buying power of DVHT and CCAP Health Alliance, we can offer pricing and coverage enhancements. Premium savings range between 10% and 20%, and the package includes multi-year rate guarantees.


DVHT is owned, managed and controlled by its public entity members. Each CCAP Health Alliance member will appoint a trustee to the Board of Trustees. The Board elects seven officers who serve on an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets monthly with staff and directs the operation of DVHT.

Since 1999, DVHT has been managing a 160+ member local government health pool in southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware which:

  • Covers more than 23,000 employees and dependents
  • Has member retention rates of over 95%
  • Has experienced average annual rate increases around 6.25%