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Counties Call for Immediate Action on Mental Health Funding and 911
Local Government Week Highlights PA County Government’s Role in Daily Life
“County government, without a doubt, has a significant impact on communities. This is a great time to spotlight how crucial county programs are to every resident, often in ways they don’t realize.”
PA counties join national conversation about mental health system crisis
“Counties are facing a critical breaking point."


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CCAP offers a wide variety of educational programs to Pennsylvania Counties

We have four major conferences each year, along with over 40 educational workshops, and opportunities for county members through various program and service offerings.

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CCAP’s insurance programs were created by counties, for counties

Starting in 1980 with the CCAP UC Trust, counties directed CCAP staff to provide services, coverage and training which the traditional insurance market no longer offered. Tailored to the specific needs and risks of Pennsylvania counties, all of our programs are owned and governed by the members they insure.

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CCAP Technology offers access to many resources

We provide responsive, high-quality, innovative and cost-effective technology services and solutions through leadership, collaboration, innovation and a transformative approach.

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