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!!!!IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!: This is not the live production site of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania website. If you are on this site you need to change your URL to https://www.pacounties.org to access the live site.

The CCAP Salary Survey provides salary information for over 13,000 county positions from 52 Pennsylvania counties and county related entities!

The survey is in Excel format and searches can be customized by county class, county name, position title or department.

Cost for Access

The CCAP Salary Survey is FREE for all CCAP and SCHRPP members and their approved staff. Others may purchase access for a fee. 

CCAP Member/Staff
CCAP Associate Member
Affiliate Association Business/Vendor Member

Request Access

We request that you register for access so we may track usage and access. Upon receipt of your request for access and verification that you are a CCAP and/or SCHRPP member, you will receive a copy of the CCAP Salary Survey via email.

Request Access


For questions or to confirm your membership status, please contact: