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County Caseworker 1 - MH-IDD

Job Title:
County Caseworker 1 - MH-IDD
County Name:
York County
Position Summary


The individual in this position assigned to assist no more than thirty (30) adults with serious and persistent mental illness or children and adolescents with or at risk of a serious emotional disturbance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Responsible to assist assigned individuals to obtain needed mental health services as well as adequate food, housing, medical care, employment, education and recreation.
  • Responsible to adhere to the following priority order in exploring resources which may help individuals enhance his/her ability to live independently:
  • Family, friends and neighbors
  • Local community groups and service organization; and
  • Specialized mental health and other rehabilitative service providers
  • Responsible to identify with each consumer his/her strengths, needs and interest in developing a Community Service Plan.
  • Responsible to identify with each individual and document in the Community Service plan the precipitants leading to exacerbation of his mental illness. Caseworker will help person plan strategies to avoid these factors, should the individual choose to do so. Collaterals and clinical material may be consulted to insure that circumstances which have led to past hospitalizations are understood and re-hospitalization can be avoided.
  • Responsible to establish and maintain contact with each consumer's family and friends in order to enhance his/her social support network, as long as the individual agrees that such contact may occur.
  • Responsible to assist each individual in identifying activities, which would increase his marketable skills or enhance his vocational or educational status.
  • Responsible to maintain face-to-face and telephone contact with assigned consumers and collaterals, preferable weekly intervals between consumer contacts must not exceed two weeks.
  • Responsible to spend 70% of working hours in contact with assigned persons and collaterals, including travel time.
  • Responsible to spend at least 50% of working hours outside of the office.
  • Responsible to spend no more than 25% of working hours attending meetings and completing paperwork.
  • Responsible to develop an Intensive Case Management record for each assigned person using prescribed OMH forms, documenting activities, progress and outcome. Level of functioning must be documented quarterly.
  • Responsible to participate in individual and group supervision as scheduled. Responsible to meet with consultant psychologist once monthly for group supervision.
  • Responsible to attend training opportunities designated by OMH for Intensive Case Managers and other training as directed by the County Programs.
  • Responsible to participate with County Administrative Staff in the development of the County Plan, specifically in identifying unmet consumer needs and suggestive modifications to existing services.
  • Perform related work as required.
Essential Requirements
  • A bachelor's degree which includes or is supplemented by successful completion of 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social sciences; or an associate's degree which includes 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social sciences with a combination of experience and training which includes two years of case management experience.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of economics, sociology, psychology, and other social sciences.
  • Knowledge of current social, economic, and health problems and their impact on the growth and development of people.
  • Knowledge of human development and behavior including the individual, family, and group.
  • Ability to understand and accept the needs and rights of others and to work with adults and children who are physically challenged, mentally disabled, emotionally troubled, and economically disadvantaged.
  • Ability to learn, interpret, and apply relevant laws, regulations, and policies governing agency services.
  • Ability to learn how to conduct individual and family interviews and to use them to identify individual and family problems.
  • Ability to learn how to effectively interact with individuals, families, and as a member of a treatment team.
  • Ability to plan and organize work, prepare adequate records and reports, set priorities, and learn to maintain a caseload in an effective and timely manner.
  • Ability to adequately express ideas orally and in writing.

Other Requirements

Valid clearances are required for this position.
A copy of either the official or unofficial college transcript(s) along with a resume must be attached to the application.  Applicants who do not provide these items will not be interviewed.  

Posting Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Expiration Date:
Monday, February 28, 2022
Contact Name:
Luana Taylor
Contact Link:
Luana Taylor