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911 Dispatcher

Job Title:
911 Dispatcher
County Name:
York County


Receives emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from the public, emergency service providers, and other public safety agencies requesting police, fire, medical or other emergency services; Responsible for efficiently and accurately gathering of caller information and making the appropriate emergency services dispatch in accordance to established policies and procedures.  The Telecommunicator performs assigned duties under the direct supervision and control of the Shift Supervisor.  The Shift Supervisor reviews daily work for speed and accuracy of detail.


  • At least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent. 
  • A combination of education and experience, which indicate a possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities required at entry.   
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Must successfully pass pre-employment exams, criminal and employment background investigations, and drug and hearing screenings.
  • Communications - skill to write legibly, spell correctly and type; skill to speak clearly, and hear what is being said over the phone and radio; act quickly; skill to read and interpret complex oral and written instructions.
  • Interpersonal Skills – ability to show understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy, and concern, develops and maintains relationships, may deal with difficult people and is sensitive to individual differences.   
  • Customer Service – ability to manage difficult or emotional callers using tact and empathy; skill to reassure and provide feedback to the caller and respond to the caller’s needs.
  • Technical Skills – skill to accurately record names, numbers, and details of a call, and to operate a   variety of computer systems and dispatching equipment.   
  • Problem Solving – ability to identify and resolve problems.
  • Decision Making - ability to make sound and well-informed decisions.        
  • Teamwork – ability to contribute to building a positive team spirit; supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.
  • Organizational Support – ability to support organization goals and values; skill to comply with all lawful rules and policies and procedures. 
  • Professionalism – ability to treat others with respect and consideration  and react well under pressure.
  • Adaptability – ability to adapt to work environment changes; skill to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.
  • Dependability – ability to follow direction and takes responsibility for own actions; ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. 
  • Innovation – ability to present creative ideas; presents ideas and information in a manner to get other’s ideas.
  • Integrity/Honesty – ability to keep sensitive information confidential.
  • Attendance/Punctuality – ability to report to work at; days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays; report to work on a consistent and reliable basis including inclement weather.

  • To perform this job successfully, the incumbent will possess the knowledge, skills, and ability or aptitude to perform each duty proficiently, and comply with County Policies and Procedures, as outlined in the County Employee Handbook.

  • Must successfully pass the training program’s milestones, benchmarks, and exams in addition to demonstrating skills in training and live dispatch environments. 
    • Must successfully achieve and maintain certifications in the following:  Emergency Telecommunicator Course (ETC), Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Course, CPR, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), National Incident Management System (NIMS) on line courses (IS100, IS200, IS700, IS800), National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN), HAZMAT Awareness, and Missing and Exploited Children on line course within the established benchmarks.
  • Must successfully complete monthly continuing education. 
  • Attend monthly shift meetings.
  • Properly apply policy, procedures, and protocols.
  • Operates telephone and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, and other variety of communications equipment.
  • Proficient using back up methods:  cards and telephone.
    • Receives emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from the public, emergency service providers, and other public safety agencies requesting police, fire, medical or other emergency services.
    • Must condense large amounts of information into a readable, sensibly typed, or hand written remarks in a timely manner.
  • Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems.  
    • Must make quick and accurate decisions.
    • Deals with sensitive information in a discreet and professional manner by maintaining confidentiality.
    • Maintains a positive customer service attitude at all times with the public, public safety providers, and other public safety agencies.
    • Must continually demonstrate a high level of professionalism.
    • Assist in maintaining computerized Master Street Addressing Guide (MSAG) and emergency data base by collecting the appropriate information and immediately relay to the Shift Supervisor to handle the problem.
    • Perform additional assigned duties as directed.

  • Includes Telecommunicator I - Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities.
  • Must successfully achieve a sign off on (Fire/EMS), County Police, or City Police, the trainee will pass the training program’s benchmarks and exams in addition to demonstrating skills in training and live dispatch environments. 
  • Operates a variety of communications equipment including:  radio consoles, telephones, CAD system, and other varieties of technical equipment.
  • Proficient in using back up methods:  cards, radio, telephone, and paging. 
  • Coordinates and assigns field units to incidents based on the nature of the incident, the priority of the incident, and available resources in accordance.  
  • Proficient in tracking and documenting radio activity, incident information, and unit status.
  • Identifies, analyzes, and disseminates pertinent information to field units.
  • Evaluates information and disseminates updates to field units.
  • Coordinates, assigns, and monitors the use of multiple radio talk groups. 
  • Monitors and receives box alarms on the simplex system. 
  • Access and operates local and state data base systems to verify information as requested and disseminate information to law enforcement officials.  
  • Operates playback audio recorders (radio and telephone), if applicable. 
  • Analyzes and evaluates all information in order to identify the potential for escalation of the incident and perform status checks to determine scene and responder safety.  
  • Must make quick and accurate decisions.
  • Assists other dispatchers as necessary and when not occupied with primary duties or if occupied with duties of a lower priority.
  • Performs checks on vehicle registration, driver's license, wanted person, missing persons, and property and disseminates information to local law enforcement.   
  • Comply with FCC regulations that directly apply to the public safety radio.
  • Includes Telecommunicator I, II, III, and IV Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities.
  • Must successfully achieve a sign off on Records (SCOPE), the employee must pass a written and simulation exam within set time frame.
  • Enters, modifies, and cancels data in databases with a high degree of accuracy, and retrieves, interprets, and disseminates information to appropriate law enforcement officials.
  • Will perform checks on vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, wanted/missing persons, stolen guns and stolen articles only at the request of law enforcement; these requests will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.
  •  Receives and sends teletypes through the CLEAN and NCIC computer systems.
  • Accesses a variety of information through Citrix, AOPC, JNET, and other databases and maintains certification to use those systems.    
  • Maintains departmental files, records, and office equipment.

Posting Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Expiration Date:
Friday, June 9, 2023
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