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CCAP’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

CCAP, in partnership with CDW-G, holds a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) that enables counties & other local government agencies to realize savings through Microsoft’s discounted Level D pricing model. 

Benefits of CCAP’s Enterprise Agreement:

  • Compliance: CCAP’s EA enables an easier method to remain legally compliant in your environment with regards to all Microsoft licensing.
  • Education & Ongoing Support:  Webinars and one-on-one meetings with customers are offered and hosted by CDW-G. Topics include licensing models, renewals, security & so much more.
  • Expense & Budget Management:  The three-year pricing model helps to better predict and manage costs, especially for those planning to move to the cloud.
  • Product Support & Resources:  CCAP and CDW-G are available to provide assistance and resources for licensing, product questions and education. This also includes a review of whether your licensing is in alignment with your strategic direction.
  • The Vetting Process: The CCAP EA is vetted through a committee that consists of both state and local government resources and is also thoroughly reviewed by CCAP’s legal team. This process will begin again in 2022 as the current EA term will conclude in August 2023.

For more information about CCAP’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement or to receive a quote, please contact one of our account representatives at CDW-G.

Dan Field
Software Solutions Executive
State and Local Government | CDW-G

Geoff Bertkau
Microsoft Software Solution Advisor
State & Local Government | CDW-G