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Real Estate Tax Manager

Job Title:
Real Estate Tax Manager
County Name:
York County
Position Summary

The Tax Manager position is responsible for the collection and reconciliation of York County Real Estate Taxes, including county, municipal and school taxes, administered through the York County Treasurer’s Office in conjunction with the 72 Elected and Appointed Municipal Tax Collectors.  Administration of the real estate tax program must be in compliance with Commonwealth of PA law and York County Code as provided by state law.  The Tax Manager directs, manages, supervises and coordinates the activities and operations of tax collection for the Treasurer’s office.
The duties include:  program accounting and coordination, revenue and debt collection, records management and inspection, reconciliation and settlement procedures, countywide field visits, assists with  tax collector training programs and seminars, preparation and analysis of monthly reports associated with the York County Real Estate Tax Program and auditing procedures.  
The Tax Manager serves as a liaison with the York County Tax Collectors Association, York County Assessment Office, York County Tax Claim Bureau, York County Controller, York County Payroll Department, York County Commissioners and the York County Information Services Department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Real Estate Tax Collection

  • Responsible for supervising the daily tax collection activities of the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Responsible for staff training related to iasWorld, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook and problem solving.
  • Manages the tax payment processes, both over-the-counter and through the mail.
  • Manages the lockbox data from Tax Collectors and Fulton Bank.
  • Manages the additions and exonerations processes as authorized by the York County Assessment Office.
  • Manages the recording of tax payments and information into the computer systems (iasWorld, Munis Financial, Tyler Cashiering and Access).
  • Manages the preparation of tax certifications.
  • Manages the distribution of system generated monthly Real Estate Tax Collection Statements to tax collectors.
  • Manages the monthly review of Tax Collectors DCED Reports in accordance with PA state law and County ordinances.
  • Manages the annual reconciliation process with each municipal tax collector.
  • Tracks prior year balances and facilitates collection of past due balances from municipal tax collectors.
  • Manages the preparation of tax certifications.
  • Responsible for the distribution of funds to municipalities where Treasurer serves as the appointed tax collector.
  • Responsible for the verification of tax remit reports and daily and monthly tax collector activity reports.
  • Conducts site visits to assist tax collectors with their reporting and problem solving.
  • Attends meetings of the York County Tax Collectors Association as directed.
  • Assists with tax collector training sessions.
  • Manages the tax sittings throughout the County.
  • Communicates via phone, email and in person to tax payers in English and Spanish, through the use of interpretation services if needed, to answer tax questions.
  • Communicates via phone, fax, email and in person with the County’s 72 Municipal Tax Collectors, York County Assessment Office, York County Information Services, York County Controller, York County Payroll Department and York County Commissioners’ Office, municipalities and school districts.
  • Manages the tax records for county conducted audits in compliance with state and county record retention schedules.
Receipts Desk Duties (Tax Manager is responsible for this task, at a minimum of one day per week)  
  • Receives and processes countywide cash, check or credit card payments, verifies accuracy, assures valid authorization is received for credit card payments and issues receipts.
  • Familiar with County departments and agencies and their respective account numbers.
  • Responsible for preparing daily bank deposit slips, on alternating days.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of receipt records for county conducted audits in compliance with state and county record retention schedules.
  • Responsible for daily interfacing of receipt records to the Controller’s Office.
  • Responsible for daily deposit delivery to safe for pick up by security courier.
Other Duties
  • Prepares correspondence for the County Treasurer’s signature.
  • Cross-trained to perform customer service duties including: sale of licenses for bingo, small games of chance, fishing, hunting, fur taker, sportsman’s firearm permits and dog license sales.
  • Responsible to answer all types of questions over the phone and direct calls to the proper department.
  • Other reasonable duties as assigned by supervisor.
  • Embrace Treasurer’s Mission Statement: “My staff and I are committed to serving you (internal and external customers) in a customer friendly and professional manner at all times.”
Essential Requirements


  • Tax Manager must have a thorough understanding of the York County Real Estate Tax Ordinance and all applicable PA state laws.
  • Must have valid PA driver license and reliable street vehicle available for field visits.
  • Must have knowledge of York County's townships, boroughs, school districts and major highways and road system.
  • Must have ability to read a map and navigate from directions.
  • Ability to operate a personal computer (laptop) and utilize software including:   Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Online Dog Licensing, PALS (PA hunting and fish license), Laserfiche (imaging), Munis Financial & Tyler Cashiering (cash receipting software), isaWorld (tax collection software) and BOSS (Fulton on-line banking).
  • Ability to use the following office equipment:        PC laser printer, scanner, calculator, photocopier, telephone, fax and electronic and paper filing systems.
  • Office responsibilities include knowledge and proficient use of computer based applications including but not limited to Munis, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook; and daily problem solving skills.
  • The Tax Manager must have B.S. in accounting or equivalent knowledge and job experience.
Posting Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Expiration Date:
Monday, February 28, 2022