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Enforcement Worker - Income Attachment

Job Title:
Enforcement Worker - Income Attachment
County Name:
York County
Position Summary

Responsible to review income attachments generated by PACSES (Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System) batch process, alerting co-workers as needed of financial or employer discrepancies. Also responsible to mail copies of income attachments to appropriate parties by certified and regular mail. One within this category carries an additional duty as back-up liaison between this office and PACSES EMU (Employer Maintenance Unit) while the other maintains a Notary Public Certification.
 Provides exceptional customer service to both internal and external clientele. All duties must comply with State law and rule, the requirement of PACES (Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System) and York County Domestic Relations procedure.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Must posses a High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Familiarity with operation, and daily maintenance of office equipment such as: personal computers, typewriters, laser printers, microfiche copy and fax machines, Lektriever filing system, date/time stamp machine, etc.
  • Ability to type, spell, and punctuate accurately
  • Ability to locate cases by various methods
  • Ability to learn general principles and procedures of duties, then extend those guidelines to cover a variety of situations.
  • Bi-lingual skills not required, but are considered a plus of any candidate
  • Must possess excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Must posses basic communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Must be able to perform simple mathematical calculations such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, etc., either manually or by using a calculator
  • Must adhere to Court and/or County policies and procedures
  • Receive daily allotment of income attachment from PACSES batch process
  • Review and compare income attachment information to financial and employment information recorded in the PACSES System
  • Update employer information as necessary in the PACSES System
  • Mail copies of income attachment to clients and employers, time-stamp and distribute Domestic Relations' copy of income attachment to appropriate individuals for filing
  • Maintain certified mail log
  • Act as a back-up liaison between this office and PACSES EMU, informing them of changes needed to the employer table
  • Notarize documents both for our office and other County offices as needed
  • Complete monthly file management assignments
  • Maintain and submit required semi-annual statistical reports on work activity
  • Carry out required Case File Maintenance System tasks to ensure ease of file location for all office workers
  • Demonstrate proficiency with general, duty-specific and duty-related portions of the PACSES system
  • Comply with all computer and office security, safety procedures, and confidentiality requirements
  • Attend periodic training about PACSES, the support system or other relevant topics to enhance work performance
Posting Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Expiration Date:
Monday, February 28, 2022
Contact Name:
Luana Taylor
Contact Link:
Luana Taylor