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911 Shift Supervisor

Job Title:
911 Shift Supervisor
County Name:
York County
The 911 Shift Supervisor is a responsible supervisory position charged with control of the general operations of all shifts that provide 24/7 coverage for emergency communications for York County. The span of control of this position will involve approximately 15-20 employees. The Shift Supervisor reviews work for accuracy, effectiveness, and speed of service as it is deemed necessary. They will be responsible to ensure that dispatchers are accurate, timely and efficient in their daily work productivity by means of both first hand observation of the day-to-day operations as well as reviewing those incident reports submitted by the dispatchers. This position will report directly to the Operations Manager of the assigned shift. Shift Supervisors are responsible as a first line Supervisor, for the direct operation of the communications center and its staff. The Shift Supervisor is expected to act at a higher standard with the oversight and enforcement of Departmental Policies and Procedures

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS Requirements are representative of minimum experience, training, knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Three (3) years’ work experience in a 911-dispatch agency that dispatches for police, fire and EMS, preferably in a supervisory capacity or related work in the field of public safety communications as it relates to junior staff development. A combination of education and experience, which indicates knowledge, skills and abilities and is listed below.
  • Sound knowledge of all emergency service agencies, communications consoles, radio receivers, transmitters, encoders, decoders, telephone equipment, recording equipment, MDC system, departmental e-mail, and any other equipment required in a modern public safety communications center. Knowledge of directives that advise who is contacted should a failure with one of the above mentioned systems occurs.
  • Must acquire and once acquired, maintain CLEAN, CPR, ETC, PEMA and EMD/EFD/EPD certifications within 4 to 6 months.
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment in evaluating, prioritizing, and acting upon emergency and routine requests and the ability to handle several situations simultaneously.
  • Good Decision Making (Involving Life threatening and day to day operational decisions).
  • Be prepared to be interrupted during breaks to answer the phone and resolve issues on the dispatch floor, Emergency Services building or any county facility
  • Maintain proficient and current skills as a senior dispatcher.
  • Ability to maintain composure during stressful situations.
  • The incumbent must pass a County background check and have a clear criminal history with no record of conviction.
  • Possess effective interpersonal communication methods and techniques, including conflict resolution and general mediation techniques Communicate firmly, tactfully, courteously and with respect for the rights of assigned staff and citizens.
  • Strong familiarity with Tyler-New World computer aided dispatch systems and Vesta call handling equipment a plus.

  • Organize, plan, supervise, instruct and coordinate activities of assigned personnel
  • Accountable for the effective administration for police, fire and EMS radio communications
  • Provides assistance with training and relieving at any dispatch position and SCOPE/Records position
  • Receive and thoroughly investigate inquiries from field providers, civilians or employees and forward your findings to management staff
  • Review dispatch operations to identify technical and operational training needs and recommend operational improvements
  • Respond to request for information from the media
  • Identify and report troubleshooting-computer, radio and phone issues
  • Submit trouble tickets for the maintenance/repair/deficiencies of equipment
  • Knowledge of directives that advise who is to be contacted should a failure occur within the communications infrastructure
  • Ability to understand and implement the Emergency Operations Plan for Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant which includes direct interaction with Emergency Management personnel at the county/state level
  • Must attend mandatory Supervisory training
  • General knowledge of SCOPE and Records Department,
  • Coordinates major incidents to ensure that proper dispatches and notifications are made by priority; assists in call handling, if necessary and coordinates with Incident Command, for the possible deployment of County resources. This includes high call volume during environmental or multi-jurisdictional responses
  • When necessary submit WebEOC reports and make proper notification including senior management
  • Generate employee and visitor incident/injury reports
  • Control access at the Emergency Services complex by operating security gates and entrance doors via security cameras and allowing access of authorized personnel
  • Supervision of 15-20 employees per shift
  • Responsible for supplies and to ensure all required forms are stocked and available to departmental personnel
  • Implementation and maintenance of the PSAP Back up Plan including deployment to the long term back up facility
  • Operational knowledge and primary troubleshooting abilities for: Digital Radio System; CAD; computer equipment and the telephone system to include the current Recorder and Everbridge Alerting System
  • After hours, serve as the County EOC Watch Officer and point of contact for EMA Duty Officer.
  • Other duties as assigned. Personnel Management - 30%
  • Evaluate dispatcher proficiency; provide performance coaching and counseling
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings
  • Must maintain a professional working relationship with staff, response agencies and other PSAPs
  • Participates in the oversight of the training of new call takers/dispatchers
  • Keeps senior management briefed on important incidents occurring during the shift
  • Responsible to forward data updates including CAD content, notebook and emergency notification lists to the responsible department
  • Accurate record keeping and ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Debrief, Counseling following stressful situations handled by employees
  • Conducts tours of the Emergency Operations Center
  • Participate in pre-employment interviews
  • Other duties as assigned

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Monday, January 10, 2022
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Monday, February 28, 2022
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Luana Taylor
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Luana Taylor
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